The 2020 MinSouth Quiz took place virtually this year and was brilliantly organised by Colin Morrish of Nomadic Miner, who created the links and the Quiz Master Julian Aldridge of Mining Plus, who made our brains dance. The quiz worked by using a GoToMeeting to act like the room, with teams using other methods to discuss individual questions.

Nine teams formed of 44 competitors joined Julian for the event. People not only participated from the South East of England but from as far away as Saudi Arabia and Toronto, Canada as well as Leicester. There were probably more people involved as groups, but out of sight.

Julian shared his screen. A rather odd sight as along the top were several lines of miniature pictures of the contestants. Once we got going everyone shut of cameras and microphones so we could not see or hear any discussions.

Julian presented the questions slowly with breaks for thinking. We needed those. A good mixture of mining related topics interwoven with general knowledge. Also, I liked Julian’s different ways of asking the questions – facts about mining for this year’s news or using company names as missing words in questions such as ‘the — Grade River forms part of Americas southern border’. The missing word is Rio.

After three rounds we had a break. Normally this would involve networking, chatting and refreshing drinks. This time it was off to the fridge or kettle for a refill.

Rounds four and five completed the quiz. Four, music, was hampered by sound quality. But this improved during the questions. This needs to be worked for next time – though you try finding mining songs outside of folk lyrics about some major disaster.

As expected, when you hear the answers most of them seemed simple. Some were just unexpected and interesting. When the scores were added up the joint winners were Anglo American Corporation and Wine-to-Bill Reconciliation

Anglo American                            Wine-to-Bill Reconciliation

Catharine Reynolds (C)                Stuart MacGowan (C)

Fabian Frohlich                              Simon Kocher

Martin Roberts                              Richard Roethe

Pavlos Tsitsamis                            Rachael Gallagher

Alastair Cornah                             Luke Palmer

Dee Yamoah                                  Tom Naylor

Adam Simmons

A huge thank you goes to those who connected to the event and took part. If you wish to donate, please see the WEB site and do so via the IOM3 Benevolent Fund.

Again, a big thank you to Colin and Julian.

By the way I was not part of a team and will not reveal what I scored. Anyway, I was making notes for this article while I listened to the questions.

Mark Davis – Council Member

Quiz participants, all smiles before the questions start. Colin & Julian top, group on left