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8th October 2020 Intelligent Robotic Mining Systems

Dr. Steve Henley presents results of intelligent underwater robot trials at Ecton Mine for the EU funded UNEXMIN project, commercialization of UNEXMIN with UNEXUP and the robotic mining project, Robominers.

11th June 2020 Prestige LectureVirtual meeting

Neil Kermode, Managing Director of the European Marine Energy Centre Ltd


The Relevance of Mining in a Climate Change World

(Harvesting energy and mining materials)

Chairperson: Sue Struthers – MinSouth President

13th May 2020 Kathryn Hadler, MinSouth and Women in Mining Joint Meeting

Kathryn is a minerals processing engineer at Imperial College, her talk is on ““Dry Mineral Processing – for the Moon and Earth”.

14th November 2019, MinSouth Exploration Forum:

Antony Benham of SRK Exploration provides an update on what we know so far about the geology and prospects of the Arabian-Nubian Shield

Simon Large of the Natural History Museum talks about the FAMOS project in general and his work on the giant Los-Bronces porphyry Cu deposit district (Chile). He will show how they integrate current research interests in igneous petrology with application to exploration.

14th October 2019 Pat Willis of Bara Consulting shared some lessons learnt through performing feasibility studies. Over the last 10 years or so Patrick Wills of Bara Consulting has undertaken numerous studies and reviews. He will share some of the more important lessons learnt and personal frustrations in undertaking studies.  He will then highlight some common issues arising from reviews (be they formal due diligence, expert witness roles or peer reviews). He stresses that this is not a tick box on how to undertake studies or how to comply with stock exchange codes but rather a more light-hearted approach to the subject.

9th September 2019 Philip Shaw of SureWave Technology Ltd gave a short presentation on new technology for monitoring of tailings dams, followed by a panel discussion with Hans Otto, Senior Tailings Engineer with Golder Associates (MinSouth Silver sponsor) and Brett Garland of Knight Piésold (MinSouth Silver sponsor).  Thank you Brett for standing in for John Thuysbaert who was called away on the morning of the talk.

13th May 2019 A joint Women in Mining and MinSouth’s event in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of IOM3’s earliest predecessor, the Iron and Steel Institute

Gavin Bowyer, MinSouth Council member gives a brief history of MinSouth, followed by Fiona Cessford MSc, PrSciNat, Director and Corporate Consultant (Environment) at SRK Consulting (UK) on “Impact assessment and feasibility studies – amalgamate or separate”.

8th April 2019 Presented by Roger Emmot, a recent past president of MinSouth and presently a Consultant to the Iron and Steel industry “150 years of Steel”

Young Persons Lecture Competition

Young Persons Lecture Compitition MinSouth heat 2019 Sidharth Talan (Imperial College) “Risk-based Maintenance of Mining Equipment” MinSouth heat winner

Young Persons Lecture Competition MinSouth heat 2019 – Luc Phillips (CSM) “The Operational Running of a Remote Junior Open Pit Gold Mining Operation”

Young Persons Lecture Compeitition 2019 Joshua Rasera (Imperial College) “Mining on the Moon: The Future of Space Exploration”