MinSouth and STEMNET

Enjoying your career in the minerals industry?

Then why not try to encourage others to do the same, by going into schools and passing on your keen interest to today’s youngsters who are tomorrow’s potential employees?

MinSouth encourages its members to sign up with STEMNET, the government-sponsored network of enthusiasts who do just that. The procedure is easy.

  • Register as STEMNET “Ambassador”, by booking a place on a short course at one of the STEMNET regional centres,
  • Once registered the local STEMNET office will e-mail you a monthly newsletter listing all requests from schools in its area,
  • If interested in participating at one of the events, contact the STEMNET office asking for further details, and
  • STEMNET will e-mail both yourself and the teacher at the school organising the event, to arrange participation.
Tony Brewis, mining and mineral processing engineer, registered as a STEMNET Ambassador in the summer of 2013 and since then has participated in five careers events of the types listed here. Tony had once given a talk about mining to boys in his old school in 1955. One pupil became Vice President Asia -Pacific for one of the world’s major mining companies.

As a STEMNET ambassador, you could;

  • Give a talk or PowerPoint demonstration,
  • Show mineral samples to a small group of pupils,
  • Take part in a “What’s My Line?” occasion, where teams of pupils compete to see which team is best at guessing the jobs of various persons based on clues,
  • Attend “Career Evenings” where pupils and their parents can come to discuss career opportunities, or
  • Arrange for practical hands-on engineering sessions… or MANY MORE activities.

As an Ambassador you might just be the spark to light the thoughts of someone who will enjoy a career and maybe play a key role in the world’s minerals industry.

Who knows what career path someone in your audience might be inspired to follow?

MinSouth would recommend its members to give it a go!

Please advise the MinSouth Secretary if you take up the challenge.