The MinSouth heat of the Young Persons Lecture Competition was held at the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, South Kensington on 8 March 2018. The event was sponsored by St. Barbara LLP and Golder and the judges were Andy Wells of St. Barbara, Mark Bruton of Golder and Angus Morrison, the President of MinSouth for 2017-2018.

Daniel Lindsay gave a presentation on “Lithium Mining from Pegmatites” and this was followed by a talk on “The Nature and Distribution of Tungsten in Non-ore Minerals within Metasedimentary Rocks at the Drakelands Tungsten Deposit, UK” by Jo Speer. The final entry of the evening was “Magmatic controls on the formation of giant porphyry Cu deposits: lessons from modelling” by Oliver Higgins.

The winning presenter was Oliver Higgins, who went forward to the Regional Final of the IOM3 competition. Angus Morrison congratulated all of the presenters, who were presented with certificates and cheques by the sponsors.

Thanks are due to Natalie Staffurth of MinSouth for organizing this successful event and the sponsors, St Barbara and Golder

YPLC entrants with sponsors

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