The aim of the AGM is to confirm activities of the previous year, elect a new council and review finances and the constitution and look forward to next year. The 2019/20 year has been stressed by the affects of the lockdown. Very early on under lockdown, meetings moved to an online media format. This has advantages and disadvantages but in general worked out well and for the presentation’s members have been able to sit back with a cup of tea and not fight through London to a venue.

At the AGM Sue Struthers completed her term as president and was awarded the Dave Lamp of Survival. Sue, like quite a few of us, lives out of town, which means the virtual side of MinSouth has been a great help in reducing trips into London. We all wish to thank Sue for her sterling work. The role of president for 2020/21 is taken on by Mike McLoughlin and we all look forward to working with him.

Sadly, Ian Jackson is stepping aside as the secretary and these duties are being divided amongst other members of the council. Thank you, Ian. To just use two brief words does not pay proper homage to a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable member of council. Ian started on the council October 2015 and became secretary October 2016. Ian will still be around but others will take his mantle on.

On a different note both Paul Griffin have received an IOM3 Outstanding Service Award. The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining describes the award as follows.

The Institute’s Local Affairs Board awards Outstanding Service Awards each year, in recognition of achievement and commitment which has not previously been acknowledged elsewhere. The awards recognise significant contributions to the Institute made through a local group, affiliated society or branch…

Congratulations Paul, you have been mentioned in dispatches.

The future, though uncertain, looks as if virtual presentations will continue. The possibility exists that in the future there will be a mixture of live and virtual events allowing our more distant members and presenters to participate. It will certainly be an interesting year.

Mark Davis

Elected Member of Council