The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on 14 October at the IOM3 office in London. 

Outgoing President, Stuart MacGowan, delivered his report of the activities and achievements during 2018/19, notable among which were eight technical meetings, two of which were presented jointly with other organisations – the British Tunnelling Society and Women in Mining; our heat of the Young Persons’ Lecture Competition; two Mining Masterclasses, presented in conjunction with the Association of Mine Analysts and Simmons and Simmons; a new website (; raising of over £6,000 in corporate sponsorship, which was used to support student activities and for which MinSouth is most grateful to the companies that have provided financial assistance. Full details of the year’s activities are available in the Annual Report which can be found on the MinSouth website.

Two new members of Council were elected at the meeting.

Stuart handed the chain of office to the incoming President for 2019/20, Sue Struthers.  On behalf of Council, Honorary Secretary Ian Jackson thanked Stuart for his work as President and presented him with a memento of his term in office.

Sue Struthers receiving the chain office as President for 2019/10
Sturat MacGowan receives a token of appreciation for his work as President