Student Sponsorship Goes a Long Way

By Paul Griffin
Jan 25, 2018, 13:57


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Receiving the Minsouth sponsorship has had a tremendous effect on my education and career over the past 12 months. I am incredibly grateful to the Institute, to its members and the organising committee, and to Roger Emmott, past president, for making the award in December 2016.

The majority of the sponsorship was spent on attending the Society of Economic Geology Field Course to Morocco. During the trip I and other students and industry representatives were immersed in regional geology of Morocco. The trip included a range of mine site visits, with highlights including Bouskour Cu project, Bouisserfane Au project and Imiter Ag mine. There was also an opportunity to explore the dramatic landscapes and hydrology of the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. I was the only student to lead a day of fieldwork, educating the mineralogists of the party on the importance of looking at largescale geomorphology to infer the effects of the active tectonics working below the surface.

Attending this SEG Field Course, thanks to the generosity of the Minsouth Sponsorship, has been a perfect precursor to starting my PhD in the hydrology of the High Atlas at the University of Manchester. I will be returning to Morocco in spring 2018 to conduct my own fieldwork, already with a good grounding of the logistics, regional geology and culture in this exciting country. In addition to the SEG Field Course, the sponsorship supported me in attending a variety of educational talks and events at Burlington House, the Royal School of Mines and, of course, The Kings Arms.

As well as monetary funding, the MinSouth Sponsorship has given me confidence in my abilities in applied geology. The sponsorship has afforded me the opportunity to travel, teach, learn and realise some of my most fulfilling achievements. This past year I organised the ‘Bottle Match’ Varsity between the Royal School of Mines and Camborne School of Mines (bringing the bottle home), I graduated from Imperial College London and have begun work on my first scientific paper.

In the future I wish to continue in research and lead my own field campaigns and teaching in applied, economic and environmental geology and geography. My late Grandfather was a coal miner in County Durham in the 1980’s and I know he would be incredibly proud and equally grateful for the support you have given me.

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