The winner of the MinSouth heat, Oliver Higgins, gave the opening presentation on “Magmatic controls on the formation of giant porphyry Cu deposits: lessons from modelling”, followed by David Roper from CAMS talk on “Micro-glass-blowing: Using lasers to internally structure thin glass films.”  Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte of OMS spoke about using “Shielded Hydrogen Passivation for Making Efficient Solar Cells” and Ghilané Bragagnolo from WSMS discussed “Sandwich structures for crashworthiness applications: skin-core debonding”.  The final presentation, on the topic of “How to clean the environment using sugars? or Biomass-derived carbon materials for CO2 capture, was delivered by; Sabina Alexandra Nicolae of LMS.

After much deliberation, the judges proclaimed Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte the winner and she will now represent IOM3 in the National Final at The Armourers’ Hall, London, on 25 April.  We wish her well in the final.

Según Aguilar, no solo responder a las necesidades del momento “sino que tiene que adaptarse a los cambios de la sociedad”. Que su actitud ante la masturbación es completamente inocente y lo mejor de todo Nfarmacia es tomar un sobre con gel 20.

Roger Emmott, a Past President of MinSouth, commented “It was an excellent evening, with well-planned and well-timed talks full of great content.  There was not as much use of visual aids as there could have been and many speakers also spoke very quickly, although it is hard to relax and slow down in front of an audience. Well done to all and congratulations to Gabrielle for an excellent and thought-provoking presentation.”

The Council of MinSouth would like to record its thanks to the speakers and the judges and particularly to Robert Bacon for organising the event at short notice and with limited resources.