This quiz will be conducted from the GoToMeeting platform on Thursday, the 10th of December.  Here is a Link to the quiz: Join MinSouth Quiz.

Julian Aldridge, our Quizmaster, will be doing a number of rounds of questions, with ten questions per round.

Teams of up to six people (some former mail drops said five but six has now been decided) can work together on the questions, using a separate meeting platform for their group discussions (e.g. Skype, Whatsapp or Jitsi etc).

Please register your team, provide names of team members and identify a team spokesperson and communicate this information to, by Wednesday 9th December. Here is the Link to join the quiz:  Join MinSouth Quiz , so please do forward this link to your team members if they are not part of MinSouth or do not already receive this email.

You can also join in as an individual and we will allocate you to a team.  We will endeavour to develop teams of mixed disciplines, so please register by emailing  your name and discipline (Geologist, Mining Engineer, Mineral Processer etc) by Tuesday 8th December.Meeting forums will be constructed on Jitsi where team members can work together.

When going to your separate platforms, please turn off your microphones at the GoToMeeting MinSouth Quiz site.  It will help ensure that there is no interference while you chat on your separate meeting platforms.  It will also ensure that people from other teams are not spying on your team 😉

There will be a dry run where one can familiarise oneself with using GoToMeeting with whichever meeting platforms different teams are using on Wednesday, the 9th of December at 18:00 (6 pm).  Just go to the same link – Join MinSouth Quiz

The Quiz will be on a trust basis, so no Googling please.  Julian will present the answers at a mid-point and end of the Quiz and the marking will be carried out – again, on a trust basis – by the team’s spokesperson who will provide Julian with their final score.

There will be no prizes awarded this year, however we would like to invite participants to make a donation to us for the IOM3 Benevolent Fund – via Paypal – go to  then log in and click on send money and fill in in the recipients e mail box.  This information is also available on the MinSouth webpage at this Link.

(We suggest £5 per team, or whatever teams or individuals would like to donate).